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Beehive is a doorway to the buzzing Indian domestic market. Be it flat steel or long steel, castings or forgings, engineered woodpanel products or floorings or bamboo products. Or even used commercial vehicles…excavators, tippers, forklifts and more. And the more just keeps growing as we include machinery for the steel industry and wood industry.

Beehive’s Steel vertical is powered by World Of Steel, Wood Vertical by Woodside Story, bamboo products by House of Bamboo and the rest by our Busy Bees at the Beehive Team.

We have the buzz. Surf us. Find what you require. Send us your inquiries.

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EXPANDABLE POLYSTYRENE for Packaging and Construction.

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BAMBOO FLOORING: In light, natural corlor or a darker shade designed to floor you with its elegance.


  • Benefits
  • Installation
  • Care and Maintenance

BAMBOO FURNITURE: Set the scene for casual living. Surrond yourself with bamboo shelves, tables, chairs, chests and more.


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