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Beehive is brought to you by Ellias International - a private, family owned company whose primary business is marketing and distribution. Founded in 1958, the company was originally incorporated as Amir Ellias. Today Ellias International has expanded its distribution operations internationally and is creating both international and domestic brands.

These are indeed exciting times. Globalization has brought new challenges and newer opportunities. Our steel distribution is expanding in South East Asia, China, Europe and both Latin America and North America. India itself has become the global buzz for outsourcing of services and production. We are exporting engineered products from India to the sophisticated North American Market. Rising consumer incomes in India is creating a booming market for consumer products which we are tapping through our brands Woodside Story® and House of Bamboo™. And Beehive is what is bringing everything together… our brands and our future.

With our feet firmly planted on the ground and our people, who meet and exceed expectations, we believe in creating brands for today and for tomorrow.

We can’t help but saying “Catch the buzz!” and buzz in .

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EXPANDABLE POLYSTYRENE for Packaging and Construction.

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BAMBOO FLOORING: In light, natural corlor or a darker shade designed to floor you with its elegance.


  • Benefits
  • Installation
  • Care and Maintenance

BAMBOO FURNITURE: Set the scene for casual living. Surrond yourself with bamboo shelves, tables, chairs, chests and more.


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